We, at Omara, are all about goodness, purity, and freshness. Every date from Omara stands for the goodness we believe in.


Our Story

It was almost a ritual for us when we were young. A habit, more like. Every evening we would head out, collecting our treats and enjoying them while we stared at the beautiful sunset sky. Due to the rich nutritional content of these delicacies, we were never stopped from consuming them as kids.

We ran over to these old farms where we could pick them fresh off the grass, dust them, and indulge in their rich caramel-like sweetness and plump, chewy textures that held us spellbound for a moment. That feeling of pure joy, satisfaction, and carefreeness is what these delectable treats and these dates bring back to us, and that is what we wish to share with our customers through every product they buy from us.


Our Process

We at Omara are all about goodness, purity, and freshness—everything that a true Suudiyyun (a person from Saudi Arabia) would experience while enjoying these luscious dates. Every date from Omara stands for the goodness we believe in. Our entire process is designed to ensure the highest quality standards. The processes of picking, pitting, and packaging are undertaken by hand in temperature-controlled, dust-proof facilities to ensure the purity and the natural textures and flavours of these delicate dates are maintained.

Premium Saudi Dates

Our Products

We believe that the best things in life are those produced by nature. All our products are non-GMO and grown naturally and sustainably without the aid of agricultural chemicals or preservatives. This helps us ensure that the nutritional value of our dates stays unaffected, and one feels the freshness of pristine, unprocessed dates in every bite.

Dates are nutritious, low-calorie foods that are high in fibre and protein—a superfood, if we may say so. Perfect as indulgent midday snacks, our dates come with an assortment of fillings ranging from dried nuts to candied fruits that add richness to the experience.