From desserts to juices, dates have been a staple ingredient for generations in the Middle East. Not only for their taste but dates are also widely eaten for their rich nutritional value. From protein, vitamins, and minerals to potassium, dates are a powerpack of health benefits. Being naturally sweet, people often avoid making it a part of their diet, but the fruit actually promotes the overall health of the body. Read on to know more about the nutritional benefits this amazing fruit is packed with.

Boosts energy

Being a great source of natural sugar, dates can be a quick fix for your mid-day slump. Furthermore, iron and zinc in dates promotes the blood formation. Also, copper in dates helps absorb iron and plays the catalyst in energy production. And Potassium can aid muscle movement and manage blood pressure. Vitamin B6 promotes better brain performance.

Enhances skin health

Vitamins C and D in dates promotes skin health by keeping skin-related problems at bay. Regular consumption of dates can improve skin health. Adding iron to the diet can also promote hair growth by strengthening the hair from the scalp. Being rich in antioxidants, consuming dates also helps eye health.

Helps detoxify the body

As the liver plays an important role in the body by filtering your blood and removing waste, consuming dates can help support liver health and prevent related ailments. Dates can help regulate and reduce the amount of liver fibrosis. Date seed extract is also said to be beneficial for the same.

Promotes Bone Health

The calcium and magnesium content in date provides anti-inflammatory benefits that can quickly relieve joint pains in the bones. Magnesium helps in strengthening the bones, it is beneficial especially for older people, when the bones begin to weaken.

Improves digestive health

Being a source of both soluble and insoluble fiber, dates promote digestive health. Regular intake of dates helps promote the growth of gut-friendly bacteria and aids relieves digestive discomfort.

When consumed in the correct quantities, dates can help relieve varying health issues. It can also prevent a lot of diseases and promote health of both internal and external organs. To start with you can eat 1-2 medium sized dates in the morning. Many also prefer having it with juices or as a mid-afternoon snack.

Find out what suits you and make this amazing fruit a part of your daily routine.

December 16, 2022