Know more about the Variants, Texture & Taste of Omara Dates

Dates are a commonly eaten type of fruit across countries since a very long time. According to studies, dates have been around for at least 50 million years. And over the years, the fruit has found its way into the culture and even mythology. They are a powerhouse of nutrients and have rightly earned the name ‘black gold’. There are more than 300 varieties of dates grown in Saudi Arabia, with each being known for its unique taste, colour, size, shape and health benefits. While most commonly found dates are brown, the colour ranges between yellow to dark brown and even red! Some of them are sticky and chewy, others are pulpy and will melt in your mouth. As we talk about the world of dates, we at Omara bring to you a variety of dates with details on their texture, size, taste, contents and more.

Medjool – Will Occupy a King Size in Your Heart!

A popular variant, Medjool dates referred to as ‘King of Dates’ is loved for its caramel-like sweetness. They are rich in fibre, antioxidants and potassium making them a healthy addition to the diet. Medjool dates are larger in size than their counterparts and are majorly eaten as desserts or served with accompaniments. They are oval-shaped dark brown in colour and have wrinkled skin which distinguishes them from the other varieties.

Sukkari – A Royal Sugar Fest!

Known as the 'Royal Date', Sukkari is the Arabic translation for sugar. And just like its name, they can satiate sugar cravings after a hearty meal. They are slightly smaller in size, crisp, firm and make for a quick snack. Sukkari dates are often distinguished by their multicoloured skin which is yellow to dark gold skin.

Khidri – The Healthy Snack

If you are looking for a mildly sweet snack, then Khidri would be the right choice for you. Its low on sugar and its raisin-like taste leaves a perfect aftertaste, which makes it a healthy snack option. Khidri dates are darker in colour when compared to the rest of the dates. Its dark maroon-red colour often separates it from the rest of the dates.

Segai – The Crunchy Dessert

Compared to other desserts, Segai dates are mildly sweet, medium-sized with a crunchy base.  Native to Saudi Arabia, they are dual coloured with yellow edges and brown in the middle. It contains fibre, fats, proteins, essential vitamins and is also an instant energy booster. They are soft and juicy and can be served as a dessert.

As a snack or a dessert, these dates do more than just a sweet indulgence. Their nutritional value ensures your snack time is loaded with health benefits too.

Which date would you love to relish today?

December 16, 2022