Dates are one of the oldest cultivated fruits on earth dating back thousands of years. Other than being commonly eaten as a dessert, it is also used as condiments and in juices. Dates are also used as a replacement for sugar and are known for their rich nutritional value. Widely cultivated and consumed in the Middle East, date palms are even called 'The Tree of Life in some Middle Eastern countries. 

That said, not all dates are made the same. The best dates are usually the ones that come from where they are a tradition: Saudi Arabia. These dates are cultivated in the most pristine farms and are carefully handpicked to ensure that only the freshest and the finest arrive at your doorstep. These are dates; bursting with goodness and deliciousness and can be relished as a healthy snack or even gifted to those you love.

Read on to know more about the four major date varieties and their health benefits.

Medjool – King of Dates in All Sense

Medjool Dates

Pulpy and tender, Medjool, called the ‘King of Dates’ is one of the best date variants in the world. Originally from Morocco, it often tops the list of delicious dates for its rich caramel-like taste. Its glossy skin simply melts in your mouth like a plain bar of chocolate. They are loaded in potassium and have almost 20 amino acids. Other than being served as desserts, Medjool dates are also eaten with accompaniments like prosciutto or spiced nuts.

While Medjool dates are native to Morocco, they are also grown in warm regions of the United States, the Middle East, South Asia, and Africa. It is also known as the California Date as it is widely grown in California's hot Coachella Valley. Medjool date palms were brought to Nevada from Morocco in 1927. Out of the 11 date palms, six of them survived and stand tall even today. They are lovingly referred to as the BIG SIX!

Segai – The Multicoloured Delectable

Segai Date

Native to Saudi Arabia, Segai dates are mildly sweet, juicy, soft, and come with a crunchy base, making it the perfect indulgence for your mid-afternoon sugar cravings. It's rectangular in shape with multi-coloured coatings of brown and slightly golden. They are packed with natural sugar, fiber, fats, proteins, and essential vitamins. Segai dates are the perfect blend between delicious goodness and wholesome nutrition.

Khidri - A Caramel Indulgence

khidri date

Soft, sticky, and chewy, Khidri originally comes from Egypt. The dates have wrinkled skin, and are elongated in shape, with a reddish-brown in colour. Its raisin-like taste which is low in sugar makes it a sweet indulgence, especially for its caramelly aftertaste. They are rich in iron, calcium, and manganese and are known for their antioxidant properties.

Sukkari - The Sugar Delight

Sukkari Date

Sukkari is the Arabic word for sugary and just like its name, it is one of the widely loved dates, especially for its taste. The colour of the dates varies from light to golden brown. It is also known for its great nutritional value and antioxidant characteristics. Sukkari is rich in sodium and potassium and its consumption helps regulate blood sugar and reduces the levels of oxidants in the body. The dates are quite crisp and firm and are conical in shape.

Dates are eaten across the world since a long time and are known for its health benefits and taste. While some like dates as a replacement to sugar, for others it is a condiment, and it is also had with juices. How would you like to have your date?

December 04, 2022