Khidri dates, a dark brown to amber shaded date considered one of the premium dates, have their origins in the oases of Egypt. Recognised by their elongated shape, wrinkly skin, and raisin-like flavour, they were once seen as a large and mysterious fruit. Their hard flaky texture, sweet flesh reminiscent of raisins, and caramel aftertaste make eating Khidri a unique experience. Khidri dates form clumps of sugar on their skin over time and lasts a month when left outside. Plump and shiny, these dates are the perfect sugar substitute for those looking for a guilt-free snack.

Today, Khidri dates are also grown in Saudi Arabia. From Madinah to Central Province, these dates are exported in huge quantities and enjoyed by people all around the world. Once an underrated fruit, these dates are now enjoyed by people around the world. Nowadays, Khidri dates are a very popular addition to desserts, marinades, chutneys, and smoothies. At Omara, along with plain dates, we also have dates with fillings like orange peel, lemon peel, roasted almond or roasted cashew. 

History Of Dates 

Dates are a traditional crop throughout the Middle East and Africa; having been grown there for thousands of years before spreading to Asia and Europe. Today the fruit is also grown far in the western regions of The United States. They are also an integral part of mythologies, and religions and through these made their way into the culture. In this modern era, dates are popular for their reputation as a superfood. They are also eaten as accompaniments to beverages such as Arabic coffee or tea.

The Story of Khidri Dates

Khidri dates have their origins in the deserts of Egypt where they have been grown for thousands of years before expanding to the nearby lands of Saudi Arabia. Easily distinguished from other dates due to their flaky skin and deep chestnut red hue, these dates are enjoyed in a variety of ways over the years: stuffed, grilled, plain, buttered, and many more. The versatility and simplicity of this fruit have made it a favourite among all date lovers. Khidri dates are commonly harvested at any time between August to September. Since each bunch of dates does not ripen at the same time as others, one date palm can be harvested multiple times in a year. Although Khidri dates have their origins in Egypt, the Saudi variants are widely considered to be superior which is why we at Omara get our dates fresh from the Saudi Arabian deserts.

Nutritional Value of Khidri Dates

Each Khidri date contains about 75% carbohydrate and has a glycemic index of around 62. Although the GI is higher in comparison to other dates, the value is still considered medium ranking around the same level as honey. These dates are also very high in fiber, infact, just 100g of dates contains 8 grams of dietary fiber. Each serving consists of 2 grams of protein and just 0.5 grams of fats while providing 275 kilocalories. They also have 40 milligrams of calcium, 1.2 milligrams of iron, and a mere 3 milligrams of sodium. Khidri dates also contain 652 micrograms of Vitamin K and it's easy to see why these dates are classified as a “superfood”.

Health Benefits

Like every other variant, Khidri dates also have many health benefits. They are a natural source of sugar which makes them an ideal organic sugar substitute. They may also protect one from abdominal cancer and promote cardiovascular health. Dates are also touted as the solution to obesity due to their natural non-saturating sugars. A secret benefit of eating these dates for soon-to-be mothers is that it eases the process of childbirth and also acts as a natural antidepressant. The substantial amounts of calcium, sulfur, iron, potassium, phosphorus, manganese, copper, magnesium, unstable oils, Vitamin B6, folic acid, proteins, sugars, and natural vitamins leave these dates packed to the brim with nutrients. Finally, these dates are the closest in taste to the beloved Medjool but their lower sugar content makes them the preferred choice for diabetics.

Khidri Dates at Omara

Our Khidri dates are procured straight from the deserts of Saudi Arabia, where they are harvested and instantly packed to deliver you a product of the highest quality. At Omara, you can get these dates in pouches, combo packs, and gift boxes of 12 and 24 pieces each. The gift box sets of dates come with fillings like candied orange peels, Italian lemon peels, slivered almonds, and roasted cashew nuts. Each of these packs is available for purchase on our website which can be accessed here. Don’t wait for a special occasion, treat yourself or a loved one to a royal experience unlike any other now.

December 04, 2022