7 Incredible Benefits Of Dates For Hair Growth

Do you take hair supplements for hair loss?

Try it the natural way!

A handful of sweet, chewy dates might be your saviour.


Dates: The Magical Dry Fruit For Hair:

The benefits of dates for hair are immense. Dates are a rich source of essential minerals for healthy hair, including iron, folate, zinc, and others. These substances boost nourishment in your hair follicles which will help to stop hair loss, thinning, or baldness. Moreover, the iron content in dates can aid in increasing blood flow and the supply of oxygen to the scalp. It can have numerous positive impacts on both genders, thus making it a super-food.

Daily Intake Of Dates To Reap Maximum Results:

Dates, also known as khajur, have a distinct flavour and texture in addition to being packed with minerals, including protein, folate, iron, fibre, vitamin B6, magnesium, and calcium. Dates are most beneficial for hair growth when consumed in the morning, as they are high in energy. One can even have them as evening snacks. Consuming three dates on a daily basis can provide your hair with the necessary vitamins and nutrients. One can feel the difference in a month, as it results in stronger hair.

Benefits Of Dates For Hair:

Better hair care starts with making slight changes to your daily routine. Dates should be a regular part of your diet if you want to effectively increase the health of your hair. 

Here are some of the health benefits for hair:

 1. Heals And Strengthens Hair Follicles:

If the magical combination of olive and jojoba oil is combined with oil extracted from dates, it will help in hydrating the hair roots and treating the scalp. Dates are rich in iron, which boosts blood circulation and provides the necessary nutrients for hair. In a week, this will strengthen your hair follicles and smooth out your tresses.


2. Enhances The Texture Of Hair:

Your body requires antioxidants for normal functioning, which are present in high amounts in dates. Your hair's texture can get thicker, shinier, and more lustrous if your body is subjected to good blood circulation.


3. Dates For Grey Hair:

Dates are also a wonderful source of vitamin B5, which can strengthen hair follicles and reduce hair loss. The hair follicles can be strengthened with vitamin B5 to help stop hair loss, which can slow down the onset of grey hair. Dates include antioxidants that can help shield your hair from environmental influences that could cause early greying. Dates can promote healthy hair generally and may help ward off other hair problems that could cause premature greying. But sadly, there are no proven records that dates can reverse the process of greying hair.


4. Get Rid Of Oily Scalp:

Suffering from itchy scalps? Munch on some dates for a couple of weeks. Excessive sebum production causes an oily scalp, which causes dandruff, limp hair, and itching. Dates are an excellent way of eliminating excess oil from hair and soothing an irritated scalp.


5. Prevent Split Ends And Hair Breakage:

Dates promote hair health and help with the problem of split ends. It provides vital elements, including vitamins A and B, which are beneficial and required for healthy, beautiful long tresses. Dates will smooth out the cuticles and treat split ends and damaged hair. It makes your hair extremely soft, thus adding lustre from root to tip. Applying date oil to your hair after mixing it with your preferred mousse or serum will offer the finest results. You'll see that your hair appears a lot shinier and healthier after washing it with a mild shampoo.


6. Promotes Nourishment Of Hair:

Dealing with dry and brittle hair? It could be the outcome of vitamin B deficiency. Moreover, it also causes hair loss. Dates are a great source of vitamin B, which is essential for healthy locks.


Aids In Softening Hair:

Another wonderful aspect of dates is that they soften hair. If you feel that your hair is too coarse, dates will come to your rescue. Dates also contain vitamins like  vitamin C and vitamins B(1) thiamine, B(2) riboflavin, nicotinic acid (niacin) and vitamin A- which provide sufficient nutrients to the hair. Thus, help in improving the hair texture and maintaining healthy hair.


Summing Up

The chewy, mouth-melting texture of dates make them a must-have among all lovers of dry fruit. Dates are not only cholesterol-free but also a nutrient-rich dry fruit. They are loaded with plenty of healthy micronutrients and they surely top the list when it comes to choosing a super-food for the benefits of hair. Now that you are aware of all the significant advantages of dates for hair, it is time to start adding them to your diet in the most interesting way possible.

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